I. ride ride 1 [raɪd] verb rode PASTTENSE [rəʊd ǁ roʊd] ridden PASTPART [ˈrɪdn] JOURNALISM
1. be riding high to be very successful or confident:

• Investors are riding high at the moment.

2. be riding for a fall to be doing something unwise that could result in failure:

• Are junk bond buyers riding for a fall?

3. free ride also free-ride to get an advantage for yourself without doing anything to earn it:
free ride on

• Rival firms sometimes free ride on each other's research and development.

ride something → out phrasal verb [transitive]
if you ride out a difficult situation, you are not badly harmed by it:

• Do they have the financial resources to ride out the recession?

  [m0] II. ride ride 2 noun [countable usually singular]
1. JOURNALISM used to say how easy or difficult a process or period of time is for someone:

• It won't be an easy ride for the retailer.

• Hungarian investors have been having a bumpy ride (= a difficult time ) recently.

2. free ride disapproving if someone gets a free ride, they get an advantage without having to work for it:

• They're getting a free ride at the taxpayer's expense.

3. take somebody for a ride informal to trick someone, often in order to get money from them:

• Some auto dealers are taking car buyers for a ride by charging inflated prices on extended warranties.

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ride UK US /raɪd/ verb [T] (rode, ridden)
to deal effectively with a situation that changes quickly or is difficult, usually getting an advantage from it: »

He came to Iowa Falls in 1985, and has ridden the ups and downs of the rural economy ever since.


They rode the stock market recovery so effectively that the value of their portfolio increased by 146% during the last quarter.

be riding for a fall — Cf. be riding for a fall
be riding high — Cf. be riding high
ride the wave (of sth) — Cf. ride the wave of sth
ride UK US /raɪd/ noun
a bumpy/rough/easy, etc. ride — Cf. a rough/easy ride
take sb for a ride — Cf. take sb for a ride

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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